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  • “We Will Rock You” Tickets
    The show tickets are selling out fast. Please do get yours before they all go! Please look out for a We Will Rock You Parentmail on Monday 19 March.

  • A hugely successful Tenner Challenge by our budding Entrepreneurs!
    Last week was the final week of the Tenner Challenge! We had 32 businesses this year, comprising 150 of our students, the main hall and corridors have been a competitive market place with some fantastic products for staff and students to buy.

  • Snowdon with Moden 2018
    This year’s trip saw 22 students venture into the highlands of Snowdonia for the first Icknield visit outside of summer months. Undoubtedly, the climatic conditions made it a more challenging experience but the students coped admirably and, of course, the trip was never intended for the faint-hearted. Read our brief summary of the events on each day of the trip in our latest Newsletter.

  • CLD
    We have already had lots of positive feedback from students and staff about the activities and trips that ran on last week’s CLD. In particular, year 11 were productive and focused in there option subject days and made significant progress in terms of completing controlled assessment pieces or preparing for exams. All of year 9 attended the Big Bang Fair as part of Science Week which focused on cutting edge science and potential careers options. There were many other exciting activities and trips that took place on the day, from the French trip to the Opal Coast, to the year 7 survival film day.


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