Ofsted Inspection - March 2019

Dear Parents and Carers

By way of introduction, it is important to appreciate the significance of the Ofsted inspectors’ findings that “this school continues to be good.” Such unremarkable wording must be placed in context to avoid undervaluing their judgement. In the years since Ofsted last visited Icknield Community College the DfE has driven the school improvement and accountability agendas with vigour and raised expectations year by year. To retain the Good judgement with such a positive commentary is, therefore, a very considerable achievement.



Mat Hunter and his team received just half a day’s notice of the recent Ofsted inspection, a timescale that ensured inspectors saw teachers and pupils going about their daily business; nothing contrived for the visit, nothing hidden from eagle-eyed professionals. Given the timescale it is to the school’s very great credit that the inspectors found hard evidence that “you and your leaders have dedicatedly provided educational experiences of substance and worth for your pupils.” Gratifyingly, “the staff know the pupils very well” and “pupils also commented to inspectors that the best thing about the school was ‘the way that teachers give you additional help’.”

This independent Report did not contain any surprises for Mat Hunter and his staff, a sure sign that self-evaluation and challenge are working well for the pupils. In the words of the inspectors “You, your leaders and the local governing board know the school’s strengths and areas for development very well.” Where improvements are required “you do not believe in quick fixes and the new approaches you have put in place are designed to lead to sustainable improvements”.

On behalf of the governing body I commend this report to you and offer since thanks and congratulations to Mat Hunter and his entire team; our young people are fortunate to have such an inspirational group of educators to support their learning and development.

David Marcou

A link to the letter from Ofsted can be found here.



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Students respect each other and their teachers, and take great pride in their school community. (Ofsted 2015)