Year 9 3D Design

Unit Content

Unit 1

Beautiful box

In this unit, students learn a range of construction techniques while making their own wooden finger-joint boxes complete with paint-poured lids. They learn to fabric-line the interior of their boxes to improve the overall appearance. This practically oriented unit is designed to develop students' making skills in preparation for GCSE study.

Key knowledge developed:

  • Understanding the definition and purpose of a range of woodworking joints
  • Understanding the process of creating a paint-poured design

Key skills developed:

  • How to use a try square and marking gauge with accuracy and care
  • How to create a finger joint
  • How to achieve a high-quality sanded surface
  • How to apply a paint-poured design
  • How to apply a 'flocking' lining

Assessment: Formative and summative assessment of learning are both organised around project-specific criteria, which are presented as a series of student-friendly checklists. Students receive regular feedback based on these checklists and they are encouraged to self-assess against them at every stage of the design process.