School Counsellor

At Icknield, we support the wellbeing of our students in a number of ways. We have a dedicated Student Welfare Manager who is also a qualified counsellor.

Our Student Welfare Manager and School Counsellor is Jane Bellars.


If you’re not sure what counselling is, please read this information sheet.

To ensure support is directed where it is needed we have a weekly Student Action Meeting where the Student Welfare Manager, the Progress Manager, the Leadership team Link and SENco discuss any additional support that might be required by students. The notes from these meetings are read by all staff to ensure that students are supported in all curriculum areas consistently.

School Counselling support is also available to students through referral made by staff, parents/carers, or students themselves. See this information sheet on how to access the School Counsellor.

If students need to speak to someone urgently, they should speak to their tutor who will be able to help them or direct them to the right person. Students can also access support at break and lunchtimes from our team of Pastoral Support Mentors, available in SS2 or they can go to reception to request that one of the Pastoral Support Mentors picks them up within 48 hours for a private conversation if needed.

Our younger students are also supported by two teams of older students. The first team is our Year 10 Buddies and the second team is our Year 11 Senior Prefects. Our Year 10 Buddies go out to Primary Schools to deliver the Buddying Programme to the new students in the summer term of Year 6 and are a friendly face for these students as they arrive in Year 7. The Senior Prefects are trained by our School Welfare Manager in active listening skills and providing support for younger students at break and lunchtimes across the year.

Mental health support online

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