3D Design & Textiles

What we teach

We are at the forefront of Design and Technology teaching and learning. We strive to ensure our students receive the most current, challenging and thought provoking lessons in this field. Moving away from the outdated Resistant Materials teaching methodology, students now follow a contemporary education in 3D Design. In collaboration with local and national Universities, Colleges, designers and makers, we have developed a series of exciting projects for students to engage in the practice of high end Craft, Architecture, Jewellery and Set design. At key stage 4 there are also opportunities to explore Interior Design as well as Garden Design.

3D Design 1          3D Design 2   3D Design 3

Year 9 ‘Beautiful Boxes’ project.     Year 10 Architectural model.          Year 8 Jewellery

How we teach

Our programmes of study are very Art based and have a strong emphasis on visual presentation. Students work in high quality gold foiled professional sketchbooks to support their project and finish each module with a stunning final product.

Why we teach

We are passionate about teaching our students how to produce the highest quality, insightful and thought provoking outcomes, whilst keeping enjoyment at the centre of what we do. Highlighting historical designers and maker as well as being at the forefront of understanding current practice and issues in our subject is key. Our belief is that through engaging and inspiring lessons students begin an exciting journey of experimenting, designing and planning, before realising their intentions in their outstanding final outcomes. Ensuring the right level of challenge and support is offered for all our students, along with regular formative feedback, is fundamental to our success.

We are extremely proud that many of our students continue their education to pursue careers in the 3D design sector.


Course Maps

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The overwhelming majority of parents indicated that they would recommend the school to others (Ofsted 2019)