What we teach

Our curriculum draws on our fascinating cultural heritage and explores, in depth, the English language as well as dipping into the rich well of literature that is all around us. We have identified the areas that we think are valuable for students to cover in order to develop both their interests and skills, and deliver these across the year, making sure that we include a wide range of non-fiction texts to further challenge and inspire students with those real-world issues.


How we teach

We believe that learning is best when delivered in a cyclical manner. This is where we return to key skills across the year to firmly embed the learning by revising and extending students’ abilities each time. We also draw on our excellent library and spend regular time in that stimulating environment, as well as using the hugely popular Accelerated Reader programme which gives students the motivation to challenge their reading choices by including an element of competition.

English 2

Why we teach

We share the common belief that language and literature is something that can be enjoyed by all, and that there are writers and texts and topics out there for everyone to discover. We challenge an attitude that these are for a select few and we do this all year with a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular activities such as visiting writers, external and internal competitions, theatre trips, curriculum linked visits and many, many more. We all follow the maxim that a single book read by a thousand readers is a thousand different books.

English 3 

Course Maps

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Students commented to inspectors that the best thing about the school “was the way that teachers give you additional help” (Ofsted 2019)