Food and Nutrition


What we teach

The Food department aims to encourage students to enjoy working with fresh, local ingredients, to develop confidence in independently producing food products, encouraging the ability to adapt and personalise recipes, also understanding the importance of nutrients in the body.

How we teach

At Key Stage 3 students learn the practical skills to enable them to prepare many dishes. They learn basic nutrition, the function of ingredients and accumulate a variety of essential food preparation skills. In year 9 they are set project work modelled on the Food GCSE coursework.

At Key Stage 4 students can opt to study for a GCSE in Food Preparation & Nutrition. They are taught to conduct food science experiments, gain a more detailed knowledge of nutrition and acquire a more sophisticated skillset to enable them to prepare, produce and present highly skilled food products for their practical assessments.

Why we teach

Food and nutrition is an opportunity for students to learn essential skills for future development. Core skills taught in both theory and practical tasks enable students to work independently and purposefully.


Course Maps

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