What we teach

Our syllabus covers a wide range of geographical topics, seeking to find an equal balance between physical and human aspects of our planet, and how the two are linked. We teach geography at a range of scales from local to national to international. As well as a focus on academic studies of physical and human processes and concepts, we also teach practical fieldwork skills which encourage students to complete independent enquiries based on data they have collected in the field.

How we teach

As much as possible we try to foster independence in students and encourage them to take ownership of their own learning. Clearly, at times, teacher input is a vital part of lessons but we prefer student focused activities, for example, group work, research tasks, discussions and ICT based tasks. Textbooks do play a part in our lessons but, using the maxim that geography is about the world now, we also make constant reference to current affairs and geography in the news.

Why we teach

We want ICC students to leave Year 11 as global citizens. Young adults who have an appreciation for the incredible physical processes that shape the Earth and a respect for the diversity of people that make up its population. We want students to understand the UK’s place in the world and the relative privilege we are afforded as a more developed country. We hope students see geography as a subject that examines the challenges faced by the world but also one that offers hope and real solutions to an ever changing world.


Course Maps

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The overwhelming majority of parents indicated that they would recommend the school to others (Ofsted 2019)