What we teach

We aim to ensure that each student becomes confident in the key concepts, skills and processes that will enable them to be fluent in Mathematics and provide them with the skills to reason and problem solve. We want our students to enjoy learning, make progress and achieve success, in a safe and supportive environment.



How we teach

We have clear and effective teacher explanations and promote independent learning. All lessons aim to include a high degree of problem-solving and students should feel challenge and rigour. We promote the inter-connectivity of Mathematics and link mathematics with the real world.

Why we teach

We believe that ALL pupils can and will achieve in mathematics by providing opportunities for all pupils to develop the depth and rigour they need to make secure and sustained progress over time. We have a vision that all students can be inspired by the beauty and creativity of Mathematics.


Maths 2

Course Maps

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The curriculum provides students with rich experiences across a range of subjects, as well as a strong academic grounding (Ofsted 2019)