What we teach

Our curriculum explores the dynamic and ever changing world of media. Throughout the course, students will explore how a variety of media texts are constructed to reflect key political, cultural, social and historical changes of contemporary societies. Within this, students will study the process of media production and how key theorists shape the construction and production of media texts to appeal to a specific target audience. Throughout the course, students will develop key skills in reading a text for meaning, constructing a text for an audience and purpose and contextualising the way they see the world through the media. 

Media 1

How we teach

As media is ever growing, there’s much to learn! Students will need to understand a range of subject specific terminology and range of set texts. The course is designed to follow a cyclical model so students revisit and develop key skills each term. In year 10, students will study a range of set texts and familiarise themselves with how to adapt their ideas for the exam format. In year 11, students will complete coursework which is where they can show their creative flair by creating a media text of their own. 

Media 2

Why we teach

Media never gets old; the mass media shapes the way in which we see the world today. It is an ever changing phenomena that is impossible to avoid: TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, films, the internet and social media all dominate the way in which we perceive things. In today’s society, so many of us live and breathe the media, so we believe that it’s an exciting opportunity for students to understand and challenge the world they are presented with. 

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Course Maps

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The curriculum provides students with rich experiences across a range of subjects, as well as a strong academic grounding (Ofsted 2019)