What we teach…

Students will explore the fundamental ‘10 big ideas’ in Science: Forces, Electromagnetism, Energy, Waves, Matter, Reactions, Earth, Organisms, Ecosystems and Genes. 

Within this topic framework, students advance their knowledge and skills by establishing a sound understanding of science concepts and processes, such that they are able to progress to apply, analyse and evaluate within a variety of every day and career inspired contexts. 

How we teach…

The curriculum is built upon the foundations of the enquiry process, such that  students develop their skills in scientific thinking, experimental strategies, analysis and evaluation.  The motivation for this ‘working scientifically’ methodology is that it encourages students to approach and conduct their work in a similar manner to career scientists.  We apply a variety of teaching techniques, from independent working, to teacher-led and group activities.  Furthermore, we appeal to all learning styles, through the diverse types of tasks employed for students to explore the curriculum topics.


Why we teach…

Through our links with industries, museums and universities, we actively enrich the science learning and cultivate the longer-term aspirations of students in relation to potential higher education and career paths.   We regularly engage with leading specialist Scientists, including STEM ambassadors, who work directly with students through interactive assemblies and classroom workshops.  In addition, students make educational visits to museums, universities and work places, in order to further explore their specific interests. 


Course Maps

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The quality of teaching is good overall and there is some that is outstanding including in mathematics, English, science, geography, physical education, textiles and citizenship. (Ofsted 2015)