Military Families

Icknield Community College is only five miles from the RAF Benson helicopter base. Consequently, about seven percent of our students have at least one parent or carer currently employed in a military career. We know that this can bring with it its own set of rewards and challenges, and we are committed to making school life as smooth and as productive as possible for students in this situation.

Mr James Barringer, Senior Deputy Headteacher, takes responsibility for liaising with RAF Benson, and, in addition to your child's tutor, she is a key point of contact for parents and carers in the armed forces.

We are always keen to know in advance about upcoming parental deployment, so that we can work to minimise the impact of this on your child. Please use this form to let us know if you or a family member expects to be deployed in the near future, and please refer to this document for information about sources of support.

Three days a week, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, we provide a late bus to RAF Benson, leaving school at 4.45pm. This enables students who live in that location to attend after-school activities even when their parents or carers cannot provide transport. This service is paid for by government funding designated specifically for children of parents or carers employed in the armed forces. We also use this funding to pay for pastoral support and counselling for students whose family members are deployed.