Information about your child's uniform can be found here.

Our primary supplier of uniform, including all items bearing the Icknield logo, is Trutex. Items can be purchased through that company's website using the code LEA00906CH to identify our school. Trutex's current brochure can be viewed here.

Parents and carers are able to purchase non-branded items from any supplier, in accordance with the specification below.

Uniform items, including those carrying the Icknield logo, can also be purchased from Trutex Didcot, 14 Cockcroft Road, Didcot OX11 8LL (01235 211011 and online at www.myschoolwear.co.uk).

Please note that school ties are only available via the myEVOLVE mobile app or by clicking here.

Non-uniform days

Icknield is a professional, school environment and so even on non-school uniform days, students should be dressed appropriately. Students should avoid wearing clothing that is overly revealing and must not wear crop tops, or tops where mid-riff is visible. Students should also avoid wearing any clothing that will prevent them from being able to engage with their learning such as inappropriate footwear that might hinder participation in PE or practical subjects.