The way in which GCSEs are currently organised and assessed makes it more important than ever that our students become well motivated, highly effective, independent learners.

To be successful, our students need to be diligent and organised in their approach to consolidating and revising the knowledge and skills taught across all subjects. This needs to be embedded in students’ practice and not just reserved for the few weeks preceding exams.

At Icknield we support students with their revision from Year 7 onwards by modelling good revision in lessons, revising with students in teacher-led sessions and setting a variety of revision homework tasks when appropriate. In Years 10 and 11 we run lunchtime and after-school revision sessions across the year (see timetable below), revision workshops with students when needed and re-structure the timetable for Year 11 in the build up to GCSEs to maximise their revision prior to individual exams. 

To further help our students, staff also produce personalised weekly revision prompts for each KS4 student, issued in the approach to key exams. These prompts break down the specification of each KS4 subject and gives students specific information to access from both revision guides and websites to develop their learning of each topic. They then give them specific questions or tasks to complete to practise applying the knowledge or skills revised.

We encourage students to revise their GCSE learning from the start of KS4 to ensure that they consolidate and embed knowledge and skills as they go through the course. This will put them in a fantastic position as they approach their exams so that they can be confident that they have done everything they can.



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