Y10 Work Experience

Careers News Year 10 Work Experience – What an outstanding week! I had the great pleasure of travelling around the home counties to visit our students in their placements. Some I struggled to recognise as they blended so seamlessly into their new environment! Undoubtedly, many students started their week with apprehension and nerves, however these soon abated as our students found their feet and became familiar with their new surroundings and teams. I have received countless emails, loaded with praise for the way our students conducted themselves and how many behaved, often above their years. Here are just some of the comments I have received:

• “Tom started on Monday with a lot of anxiety but his confidence really picked up and he quickly became a part of the team here. He is a brilliant worker, and a quick, hands on learner - he should be very proud of his work here.”

• “We would like to thank you all at Icknield Community College for organising this week, should an opportunity arrive, we would like to work with you again.”

• “Ryan has had a really good week and finished off as strong as he started. I’m very pleased with his work and he made some great pizza for staff lunch!”

• “We have been delighted to host the team of girls this week. They have made a great impact on our students and have been an enormous help, we will miss them next week!”

• “It wasn’t until the final day that we understood how nervous Erin was about her placement with us. This never showed in her time with us, she conducted herself with maturity, confidence and always asking relevant questions, all whilst wearing a smile. A delightful young lady who we would welcome back again”

• “It has been a pleasure hosting Harvey this week. He picked up tasks very quickly and was genuinely intrigued with the business. Please keep in touch if this is something that you would like to pursue as a career”

• “Communication Skills, not just speaking. Santana showed she was able to communicate well with our customer and colleagues/managers, alike. She worked alongside a number of colleagues in our store, listened well to instructions; and confidently asked questions about the different aspects she was actively engaged in.”

• “Sam worked to a high standard and was very thorough and very patient with every task. He grew in confidence over the week, and started to show real understanding of the world of horticulture. Sam was very cheerful and quietly got on with every job.”

I hope you agree that our students not only did us, themselves and you proud, but they excelled above and beyond our expectations. Congratulations Y10 on an outstanding week.











The Keeping Safe Whilst Travelling Between Work Placements is a set of guidelines for those students who will be making their own way to their placements.  We strongly encourage you to read this through with your child.