IT Services

Information technology underpins all that we try to achieve at Icknield Community College: creating an environment in which students feel safe and secure; establishing a highly effective learning culture; ensuring that students have the qualifications and skills they need for the future; and broadening students’ horizons. IT Services provides support for all these endeavours.

The primary objective for IT Services over the next five years is to remove all technological barriers that prevent the adoption of technologies that can improve teaching and learning. For some students, the greatest barrier to using technology to aid their learning was the lack of access to a device, either in the home, or at school. As part of our strategy, IT Services took a significant step forward by providing all students with a Chromebook device to use at school and at home.

The IT Services team believes that technology is fundamental to the provision of equitable access to learning. Learning that can be accessed on any device and in any location using cloud technology reduces the educational inequalities that arise from the need for specialised or expensive hardware. To this end, IT Services endeavours to use cloud-based technology wherever possible, and to support every student in accessing high quality learning experiences.

Over the next five years, IT Services aims to provide a truly transformational service that ensures that all students are given equal opportunities to access the school’s digital resources. Barriers to learning are removed, and staff are given the confidence to explore technology and use it to improve their pedagogy and working practices. In this, IT Services are striving to provide Excellence for All.