We believe that regularly recognising and rewarding their effort helps students to make positive choices about their behaviour and learning attitude. Regular praise and positive feedback from teachers and other school staff are the principal ways we acknowlege good work and sustained effort. Other ways in which students’ achievements are recognised at Icknield are as follows:

Kudos points
  • Kudos points are awarded to students on a day-to-day basis to recognise and reinforce a range of positive behaviours and outcomes including excellent work in lessons and positive contributions to the school community. Kudos points are awarded via Bromcom and parents are able to track how many points students receive through the parent portal, ‘My Child At School’.
Effort award certificates
  • Effort award certificates recognise the hard work students have put into a specific subject in a given term. They can also be awarded in recognition of the barriers to learning that students have overcome. These certificates are sent out termly via Bromcom.