Our curriculum is the foundation on which we build students' knowledge, understanding and skills. It is enacted through lessons, through the homework students complete outside school, through our weekly assemblies, through our tutor time programme and through our schedule of educational visits.

The Icknield curriculum across KS3 and KS4 is designed to give all students an ambitious and comprehensive education at a depth and breadth that enables them to realise their aspirations.

In and beyond the classroom, Icknield's broad and balanced programme of learning builds on our students' experience of the primary curriculum and equips them with the independence and confidence they need to thrive as they pursue post-16 courses, further training and life-long learning.

Local and global communities matter to us, and we talk about them in our curriculum. We also believe in giving real-world purposes and authentic audiences for the work that we ask students to do. Our aim is to enable students to communicate with clarity, so we teach them a wide vocabulary, provide opportunities for every student to read challenging books, teach spelling and grammar explicitly, and use a wide range of speaking activities to give them confidence in oral communication.

Homework is used to help students consolidate prior learning and also to prepare them for forthcoming lessons. We use meaningful assessment to challenge and motivate our learners. We strongly value the use of modelled and exemplary work in our teaching as a means of showing students what success looks like.

Ultimately, we want all Icknield students to leave us prepared to take the next steps in their lives and to be knowledgeable, responsible and individual citizens.

For more information about the curriculum at Icknield, please contact Matt Ford, Deputy Headteacher.


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