School Vision, Mission and Values

At Icknield Community College, we strive for “excellence for all”. In order to achieve this, we aim to:

Create an environment in which all students feel safe and secure

We create a school culture in which all students are valued and in which differences are respected and celebrated. We promote tolerance, mutual respect and kindness. We want all of our students to be thoughtful, considerate and caring towards others both in and out of school.

Establish a highly effective learning culture

Within the wider school culture, we aim to promote excellent learning for our students. Our Learning Statement, in which we describe what we believe outstanding learning looks like, can be read here. We believe that outstanding learning, coupled with excellent teaching and an excellent curriculum (please read our Teaching Statement here and our Curriculum Statement here) leads to the best outcomes for our students.

We promote life-long learning at Icknield Community College and, as such, believe in creating a first-rate professional learning programme.

This is wide-ranging and includes opportunities for all colleagues to develop their leadership skills. (Please read our Leadership Statement here.)

Ensure that students have the qualifications and skills they need for the future

Our students need the best exam results they can possibly achieve in order to give them the currency they need to have choice in the future. As well as preparing them for the knowledge they require for their exams, and the skills they need to complete them most effectively, we believe it is crucial to develop the skills our students will need for future learning, training or employment. Our Careers Programme (link here) begins in Year 7 and spans the five years our students are with us.

Broaden our students’ horizons

We continuously strive to challenge our students’ thinking and encourage them to see the “bigger picture” – beyond the local context in which they live, and beyond their life experiences to date.

We want our students to be open-minded, ambitious and courageous and, as such, we work with them to develop these qualities. We want our students to feel empowered to break down barriers and glass ceilings to do whatever they wish to in the future.