Key Stage 4 Revision

In the current climate with linear assessment in almost all GCSEs and changes in content and exam question styles, it is more important than ever that our students become well motivated independent learners and that they can revise effectively!

At Icknield we run Revision Workshops with students across the year, particularly focusing on Year 10 and 11 to ensure that they are aware of the importance of their revision, the most effective techniques and the best online resources or apps that are available to them.  See below a pdf of the powerpoint from the recent Revision Workshop run with Year 10 students in preparation for their End of Year Exams.

Icknield is a GCSEpod School and we are currently one of the A grade schools due to our high usage of GCSEpod in and out of lessons to aid revision.  GCSEpod is a website that contains podcasts on almost all GCSE subjects that students can download onto phones or tablets or listen to/watch online.  It is proven to increase exam results and can also be a useful tool where students have been absent from a lesson and need a quick recap on work missed.  Students are automatically registered and just need to activate their account online if they haven’t already done so.  Mrs Pickford or Mr Simpson can reset any forgotten passwords if needed.

GCSEPod 2 0 Logo

To further help our students - staff have also produced a highly detailed booklet detailing:

·        How to revise effectively in each subject

·        The best resources for that subject area 

·        A Checklist of topics for each subject

·        A Revision Class Timetable

·        GCSE Exam Timetable (once released)

·        Revision Timetabling advice and templates

See the Year 10 and 11 booklets below.

Happy Revising J



The headteacher provides outstanding leadership. (Ofsted 2015)