In the current climate with linear assessment in almost all GCSEs and changes in content and exam question styles, it is more important than ever that our students become well motivated independent learners and that they can revise effectively!

At Icknield we support students with their revision from Year 7 onwards by modelling good revision in lessons, revising with students in teacher led sessions and setting a variety of revision homework tasks when appropriate. In Year 10 and 11 we run lunchtime and after-school revision sessions across the year, revision workshops with students when needed and re-structure the timetable for Year 11 in the build up to GCSEs to maximise their revision in the build up to GCSEs. 

To further help our students - staff have also produced a highly detailed revision booklet detailing:

  •         How to revise effectively in each subject
  •         The best resources for that subject area 
  •         A Checklist of topics for each subject
  •         A Revision Class Timetable
  •         GCSE Exam Timetable (once released)
  •         Revision Timetabling advice and templates

See the latest version of the booklet below.

Happy Revising J



There are plenty of opportunities for pupils to take on leadership roles (Ofsted 2019)