Welcome to the Icknield Community College Library

The School Library is founded on the basic principle that those children who read for pleasure are more likely to do better at school, have more rewarding jobs and grow into more thoughtful, imaginative and resourceful adults. 

Our whole ethos is to provide a bright, engaging, up to date library with books that appeal to young people.  The library is also often a haven, and is accessible to all students regardless of their reading ability. 

For those children who already love to read, there is a well-stocked wide range of books and a librarian to support those students to find ‘just the right book’. For more reluctant readers, we encourage them to try new authors, quick reads, fiction and non-fiction, graphic novels and magazines to engage them in the world of print. We don’t give up and we work as hard as we can to keep engaging our students with books.

Reading we believe is the foundation for education: without it all else flounders.  The enjoyment of seeing a reluctant reader turn into a regular reader makes the journey getting there completely worthwhile.  

All libraries should be at the very heart of a school, and we continue to work hard in our library to make sure that continues to happen. 

Mrs Eales
School Librarian


library 2


Using the library

The library is open throughout the school day (08.30 – 14.00) and is managed by Librarian Mrs Eales. Student librarians contribute to the running of the library and help at break and lunchtimes.

All students are welcome to use the library and its resources or bring their own books to read during their free time. The Library team are here to help students use the free resources.

Students can have up 3 books at any given time, and can come and use the library resources of:

  • Wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books
  • 15 Computers for homework & research
  • Free printing & copying
  • Magazines


Accelerated Reading

Accelerated Reader is a scheme that helps increase reading for pleasure amongst our Year 7 & 8 students. We recognise the importance of creating a culture of reading and it is designed to help us motivate and monitor student reading practice. Students can search for interesting and appropriate books, quickly and easily and take a quiz to ensure comprehension of books read.

Students can access the Accelerated Reader site by clicking on the link below:


Activities and Events

The library has a programme of activities and events throughout the school year these include:

  • Kids Literature Quiz (Years 7 & 8)
  • World Book Day
  • National Poetry Day
  • Book Club (Tuesday A week)
  • Oxfordshire Book Award shadowing
  • Readathon


Reading lists

We realise that it can be useful to know what great texts are out there, and have therefore put together a few different reading lists, as recommended by our own students. You will see, at the bottom of the page our:

  • KS3 Reading List
  • Non-Fiction Reading List
  • ‘Moving on to Classics’ Reading List

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You can follow us on twitter at where our library team will keep you bang up to date with books we have loved, exciting events coming soon and all sorts of reading related fun: an absolute must for all keen readers and lovers of the library.




The school has developed a strong team of staff who can provide different types of support for students and their families on a range of issues (Ofsted 2019)