School Transport

Buses and Taxis

The majority of students come to school by bus and most will be entitled to a free bus pass.

The school does not issue bus passes but this is done either through

  • Oxfordshire County Council – for pupils resident in Oxfordshire
  • Buckinghamshire County Council – for pupils resident in Buckinghamshire

Bus passes must be dealt with by applying to the relevant authority.

Bus passes are not transferable to other buses and students are responsible for looking after and having with them their bus pass. Drivers are entitled to refuse to take students unable to show a  bus pass.

If a student loses a bus pass – application will have to be made by the parents to the relevant authority and a charge may be incurred. The school may issue a temporary bus pass to prevent a pupil being stranded, but pupils  have to show  responsibility.

The school supervises students getting on and off buses, but cannot supervise duiring the bus journey  and while the school will make every effort to follow up any problems with buses it may be necessary to contact the bus company or the relevant County Council over some issues – such as buses arriving early or late.

Bicycles and Pedestrians

Local students may arrive by foot or by bicycle. There is a designated bike shed for the secure and sheltered storage of bicycles – students are advised to use a bicycle lock. Whether on foot or on a bicycle pupils should be aware of safety on school premises and should bear in mind that there are many vehicles on the school site and its approaches, especially at the beginning and end of school. We also share access with the Watlington Primary School and the nursery


Some students may be brought to school by car, in which case great care should be taken , both on the school  approaches, and on the site. Cars should not use the bus areas, and it should be borne in mind that a section of the school entrance drive shared with the Primary School is no longer one way, although drivers are strongly advised, not to attempt to go against the traffic flow. Care should be taken in dropping off and picking up students. Any car parked on the school site for more than a short time must be signed in at the school office.


  • Oxfordshire County Transport - Telephone: 01865 871670
  • Buckinghamshire County Transport - Telephone: 01296 383956



There are strong plans to develop the school further (Ofsted 2019)