Student Leaders

Student Leaders operate throughout the school at all ages and make a significant contribution to what we achieve.

Year 11 take the leading student roles as Prefects and Sports Leaders. The Prefects, led by the Senior Prefect team, develop their own school improvement plan and work with the rest of the college through the council. Year 10 students run a four week Buddying Programme for all our new Year 7s that has a huge impact on how quickly these children are able to settle into a new enviroment. Sports Leaders in Year 10 take an active role in coaching younger students in a range of sports, both at Icknield Community College and our primary partner schools.

Lower years have an opportunity to represent their tutor group on the Year Councils and the Whole School Council and they are a major help to support staff on reception and environment duty.

See below for the awards evening presentation by our new Student Leaders team:








Students respect each other and their teachers, and take great pride in their school community. (Ofsted 2015)