Computer Science

What we teach

In Key Stage 3 Computer Science lessons students will cover a range of skills in information technology and computer coding. Students will be developing their awareness of different computer applications and how to best analyse information and present their findings. Students will also spend time problem solving and creating their own programs through various coding platforms.

In Key Stage 4 students spend their time developing their ability to write computer code in a specific language. Students are taught and challenged to create complex algorithms that can meet a variety of requirements. Students also learn about the theory behind computer systems, how they work, keep data secure and network.

How we teach

Students spend large amounts of time at a computer whether that be a PC or an embedded device such as a robot or a Microbit. Students code through a wide range of applications working both independently and as small groups, constantly solving real world problems with computer code. Students are given the opportunity to be creative, sharing code and assessing the effectiveness of their code through rigorous testing and evaluations.

At GCSE level students balance their time between the practical and theory components of Computer Science. When they are not coding, students are investigating the inner workings of a computer through experimenting with computer hardware and software programs. Alongside this students also spend time in theory lessons researching real word issues within computer science such as computer security and social media.

Why we teach

Computer Science is all about creating students that are able to problem solve. In all year groups students are encouraged to make mistakes and then work to resolve these issues. Computer coding allows student to work in this environment. We use a variety of programs in this curriculum, developing students’ computer literacy while creating learners that are confident at tackling different scenarios. 


Course Maps

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The headteacher, senior leaders and local governing board know the school’s strengths and areas for development very well (Ofsted 2019)