What we teach

The skills that we teach in drama make our students more employable. Team work, problem solving, creativity and presentation skills. All underpinned by building self-confidence and self-esteem. Students take part in a wide variety of tasks from formal presentations to mime and physical theatre. Students are assessed on both how they prepare for an assessment as well as how the perform.

How we teach

We teach a range of texts from Shakespeare all the way through to modern   playwrights featuring Brecht, Mike Leigh, Tom Stoppard, Sue Townsend and Willy Russell. Students are given lots of time to work in groups to develop their own performances making them take responsibility for their own learning as well as long term problem solving and negotiation skills.

Why we teach

In an ever changing world students need to be prepared for a demanding and highly competitive work place. Drama has a huge part to play in making our students feel ready and able to tackle the challenges that are waiting out there.



Course Maps

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The headteacher is an outward-looking, dynamic and thoughtful leader who has instigated a number of far-reaching and successful changes over the last few years (Ofsted 2019)