What we teach

In Key Stage Three we teach a combination of overview and depth studies that consider the development of church, state and society in British history from 1066.

In Key Stage Four we teach the Edexcel GCSE course which includes British and non-British, modern and pre-modern, thematic and depth studies.  The four units of study are: Anglo-Saxon and Norman England, American West, Medicine through Time and Weimar and Nazi Germany.

How we teach

Teaching is focused on students learning through doing and developing key historical skills by practising them in the classroom. Teaching is interactive and discussion is used to enable students to clarify their own thinking about topics.

Why we teach

We have a passion for History and historical thinking and we like to build on the interest in history that many children already have or light the fire for those who do not yet. Learning about the past is so valuable in helping children understand the present so that they go out into the world as well-rounded individuals.

Course Maps

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There are plenty of opportunities for pupils to take on leadership roles (Ofsted 2019)