Modern Languages

What we teach

  • Key Stage 3 all students are given the opportunity to study both French and Spanish. There are a range of different topics offered including: family and relationships, house and home, school, the local area, food and drink, fashion, and health.
  • Key Stage 4 students build on what they have studied in Key Stage 3 and they are able to study topics in more detail, using a greater depth of language complexity. Topics include: the environment, work and education, healthy living, leisure, holidays and world and social issues.

How we teach

The department uses a range of different teaching methods including state of the art interactive whiteboards, ICT suites, digital voice recorders and mini whiteboards to assess students progress. These all cater to a variety of learning styles and students individual needs.

Teachers ensure the activities in the classroom are challenging and purposeful. Teachers also use modelling, questioning, group work and active engagement techniques as well as making sure students are resilient and resourceful enough to deal with unexpected and unpredictable language elements.

Why we teach

The department aims to provide students with the opportunity to become confident speakers of modern languages, preparing students for an increasingly multi-lingual world.  Students are encouraged to develop independence in their language learning and are assessed through the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.  The students acquire key intercultural understanding throughout Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 which gives them the skills to appreciate different countries, cultures, people and communities where the target languaes are spoken.

Course Maps

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The headteacher, senior leaders and local governing board know the school’s strengths and areas for development very well (Ofsted 2019)