What we teach

Students will study a wide variety of different music from different eras, developing their practical, listening and appraising skills. They will have opportunities to compose music, both as an individual and as a group member.

How we teach

Students learn music through singing and playing a variety of instruments (keyboards/piano, ukulele, pitched and un-pitched percussion, guitar and bass guitar). Students also use the department's Apple Mac suite to compose and refine their work using Sibelius and Logic Pro X, a professional standard sequencing and recording program. Students regularly have access to the school's recording studio, which is equipped with an iMac running LogicPro, Mackie Control with 16 channels as well as an array of professional standard microphones and effects.

Why we teach

The Department aims to develop students’ critical skills; their ability to listen, to appreciate a wide variety of music, and to make judgements about musical quality. This is achieved through a variety of practical music-making activities. The study of music also increases self-discipline, creativity, aesthetic sensitivity and fulfilment.

Course Maps

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Students access high-quality, extra-curricular opportunities which enable them to pursue their passions and interests (Ofsted 2019)